Get ready to experience something different. That is why you have come here, to Megas Yeeros™, purveyors of the finest authentic Greek cuisine across the globe.

First in quality, first in innovation, at Mega Yeeros™ the company believes good food is meant to be enjoyed by all. Our number one goal is to bring the taste of Greece to every table internationally.

At Megas Yeeros™ we stand behind our three standards of excellence:

  • Our company only uses natural meats, never any fillers, preservatives or additives for a healthier and tastier end product.
  • All our products are USDA approved and made in our modern, state-of-the-art facilities under the strictest guidelines.
  • Our company prides ourselves in taking authentic Greek food and reinventing it in innovative ways.

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Our Products

The unparalleled taste of the finest products of Megas Yeeros is ensured from the finest quality of the raw material and by having a strict adherence and completely controlled production process.


Megas Yeeros has the ability to produce differentiating final products Meat Preparations Red Pepper from Macedonia, oregano from Thasos, olive oil with them from Crete and ...

Meat preparations

The Megas Yeeros Souvlaki are produced from the finest raw material: pork souvlakia are made from pancetta, blade and scrag. Chicken souvlaki is made from tenderloin and butch.


Complete your order with a variety of fresh products made of pork and chicken: the products are supplied in a 10-day “protective atmosphere” package for immediate consumption.

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Megas Yeeros main priority is to provide the highest standards of quality assurance at all levels of production through making large investments regarding ultra modern machinery.

The plant is 10.000 sqm2 and production is carried out on one level in order to avoid product and employee cross contamination. The equipment that is used at all levels of production is the most up to date machinery that is constantly enriched with ultra modern machinery in order to produce innovative products and to minimize human fault.





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The Megas Yeeros product distribution point network is growing every day!

Mega Yeeros™ SA

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: +30 210 558 4099

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You’re ready to experience something different. That’s why you’ve come here, to Megas Yeeros™, purveyors of some of the finest Greek cuisine worldwide. First in quality, first in innovation, at Megas Yeeros™ we believe good food is meant to be enjoyed by all. Our number one goal is to bring a taste of Greece to every table.