We assume responsibility towards People and the Environment

At Megas Yeeros, People and the Environment are structural values of our philosophy. Ensuring the safety, health and well-being of employees, as well as reducing our environmental footprint are among our main priorities.

Megas Yeeros is a living organism that relies primarily on its human resources

Human resources care

Megas Yeeros is a living organism that relies primarily on its human resources, recognizing that they are a catalyst for achieving our goals. The main policy of the company is to have a safe and pleasant work environment that favors communication and respect among its people. We take care of the continuous training of employees and encourage them to showcase their skills.

Every year new jobs are created and in parallel we set the development of our staff as priority. Therefore, all new vacancies in Greece and the USA after they are announced, are filled internally.

The Group gives the opportunity to the employees to travel to the US in order to tour the company’s facilities and to get to know our philosophy. Acquiring experience on the other side of the Atlantic offers a new and important perspective. Widening horizons ultimately creates better prospects for the company’s growth strategy.

Work-life balance is an important element of our philosophy. Megas Yeeros always stands by its people, recognizing their every effort but also encouraging every step towards personal development (wedding, birth, admission to higher education). With a deep understanding of the difficult conditions of our time, Megas Yeeros has set up a solidarity fund for the employees, taking care of their well-being in case of life’s emergencies.