Megas Yeeros is the only company in the industry that provides unique services in the vast range of retail operations, through the Training & Development Department.

The department possesses the total know-how in terms of how to manage the products of Megas Yeeros, and at the same time acts at an advisory level in terms of product pricing.

Training & Development always stands by the side of our partners, creating long-term relationships of trust and respect that are the basis for their continuous development.


The specialized staff of the Department acts in a consulting and educational manner with the aim of making the maximum contribution to the development of our retail partners. The staff plans and organizes the operation of their stores in order to achieve optimal functionality.

The staff forms the menus based on a recipe and directs each entrepreneur with the aim of creating a representative image for their store. At the same time, it provides the food cost of each recipe that includes Megas Yeeros products, with the aim of improving profitability.

The Training & Development Department operates as a consultant – apart from being a supplier – and the tools it provides go beyond the supplier-customer relationship, with the common goal of success.


Come and get to know our services. Let’s define together the framework of cooperation, based on your needs.