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Megas Yeeros “state of the art” plant was built in May 2014, its 5.000 sqm2 is located within the area of New Jersey at Lyndhurst an investment that surpassed 4 million euro. Establishing the new factory in the USA was part of the broader dream and vision of the company to make the brand global.

As a new entry within the market, corporate strategy that was followed was the expansion in the market with only the yeero production line. This helped the company to rapidly expand and become established, more flexible in order to adapt the business culture to the new environment. 

After a year of testing the market for the rise of the demand for Greek products, there was a necessity to generate a new investment in order to build a new production line which will provide the American Market with the rest of the appetizing products of Megas Yeeros Group of companies. The new product line is about to be launched at the end of June.

Megas Yeeros has created strategic collaborations with well established fast food chains, distributors and diners which have sent the product from Canada to Panama and across to California.



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You’re ready to experience something different. That’s why you’ve come here, to Megas Yeeros™, purveyors of some of the finest Greek cuisine worldwide. First in quality, first in innovation, at Megas Yeeros™ we believe good food is meant to be enjoyed by all. Our number one goal is to bring a taste of Greece to every table.