Production Unit

Our Factory Unit in Greece

Megas Yeeros has two state-of-the-art processing and packaging factory units. The production unit in Greece is located in Aspropyrgos, Attiki and constitutes the largest and most modern facility in the industry. The unit has a size of 10 000 square meters and uses cutting edge technology equipment. This unit, designed with the highest ergonomic and safety standards, is specialised in manufacturing superior quality products.


Protection of the environment

The Megas Yeeros production unit follows the strictest standards in all operational stages and uses state-of-the-art technology to apply innovative methods in every phase of the production process. The latest generation of machines, combined with modern systems available to the production unit, are fully oriented towards the protection of the environment, with particular emphasis on low environmental nuisance. Moreover, Megas Yeeros underscores its commitment to raising awareness on environmental footprint and sustainable development. The implementation of international management guidelines ensures compliance with EU and national legislation. (Us and the environment)



Having as main priority quality assurance at all stages of production, Megas Gyros is a constant investor in know-how and innovation. The Unit of 10 000 square meters operates on the basis of a special study to distance staff and production, in order to avoid contamination of raw materials. For this purpose, the unit operates a new space of 1 000 square meters, equipped with the most modern and automated machines where pre-baked gyros undergoes robotic cutting. There are fifteen rollers of 400kg each that ensure the automatic cutting of gyros, using innovative technology. The application of robotics is a global achievement, as we are the first company to apply this kind of technology in production.


Human Resources

For Megas Yeeros, ensuring excellent working conditions is a fundamental value and a constant pursuit. We significantly invest in our human resources, in order to offer a safe and pleasant working environment to our staff, with development prospects for the future.
The passion that characterizes our collaborators, as well as the stable relationships we create with them, demonstrate the importance attributed to human resources as an integral part of the company growth.

Safety and quality control

The hygiene and safety of our products is ensured by the electronic traceability through all stages of the production process. A digital traceable identity of all raw materials follows the production process from the beginning to the final customer.

Megas Yeeros follows the international quality Standards in relation to consumers health. This is why our products are prepared with methods and systems of state-of-the-art technology and are thoroughly controlled at all stages of the production process, in order to guarantee safety, quality, taste and maintain innovation in production. Our adherence to hygiene and safety rules and requirements complies with the HACCP strict food safety standards. (Our certifications)

Development through Research and Study

At Megas Yeeros, development goes hand in hand with innovation and to in this respect, the Research and Development Department plays a key role in our company’s operation. The study and research of the domestic and global markets in terms of new food trends, consumer behaviour and habits serves as basis for creating products of high quality and nutritional value, which meet the strictest safety standards. (The R&D department)


US Factory Unit

In May 2014, Megas Yeeros inaugurated a state-of-the-art production unit in New Jersey, USA, through an investment of more than 4 million euros. The facilities of 5 000 square meters operate with high safety and quality standards to which the company commits at every stage of production. With the US factory unit, Megas Yeeros becomes a leader in the industry with two production units worldwide, while at the same time forming strategic partnerships with large restaurants chains and points of sale of its products worldwide.