October, 2018

Following the new consumer habits for low fat diet and while maintaining the authentic taste of the pork gyros, Megas Yeeros proceeded to re-launch the Makedonikos Pork Gyros product in October 2018 through its new Mediterranean line.

GLUTEN FREE, the famous Makedonikos Pork Gyros made its appearance again under a unique Macedonian recipe! Tender pieces of Delicatessen pancetta with less fat, marinated with extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata and fine herbs of the Greek land, rich in antioxidant properties, offer a delicious experience of superior quality and taste!
The CEO of Megas Yeeros, Mr. Nikolaos Loustas pointed out: “The Research and Development Department of the company is constantly studying the current food trends to offer products that stand out in the markets and satisfy even the most demanding consumer, emphasizing the value of taste and quality!

The company officially launched the Makedonikos Pork Gyros in June 2009, adding a promising product to its range, which later emerged as the company top selling brand.