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The following processing stages are followed as part of the production process:

  • Initially, all the meat pieces (pork & poultry) are deboned and de-skinned.

  • Then they are cleaned, i.e. unsuitable pieces and fat are removed, a procedure which is necessary for the quality of the end product. By cleaning the meat, the remains of deboning, crisp parts, haematomas and, generally, any parts which, if not removed, could create problems to end consumers are removed. When cleaning the shoulder, the heel of round, which contains a large amount of fibres and makes it hard to chew, is also removed.

  • The meat tendering stage is achieved by a mechanical process, without the addition of any chemical tenderizer.

  • The meat is filleted with special filleting devices with removable knives placed at a fixed distance. Mechanical filleting produces pieces of fixed shape and volume appropriated for the uniform and proper baking of the end product - a process that cannot be achieved manually. The filleting stage takes place on the following day to ensure right meat temperature.

  • To marinate the products, prime spices and natural flavourings from select suppliers are used: many of them are chopped in special blenders before being mixed with the meat to preserve their freshness and flavour. This procedure is automated and ensures that the meat will remain in the marinade for an ideal period of time.

  • The consistent execution of recipes is monitored using a special operational system: a state-of the-art analytical scale is connected through a computer to the operational system, in which the recipes have been entered. The system locks the scale if the weight has exceeded the limits permitted and this ensures the consistent taste of the end product.

Chicken meat processing, because of its special nature and hazards, is carried out in an entirely independent production area (separate workbenches, massage tumblers, staff) and different refrigerators than the rest of the plant. Thus, the risk of contamination from pathogenic microbes is reduced.


Deep Freezing

Freezing is achieved using special freezing fabric ducts channelling sterilised, bacteria-free air to eliminate any bacterial encumbrance of the production areas. Temperature consistency is achieved by special processes which activate air-conditioners when temperature exceeds the limits permitted (12ºC).

At the close of each business day, every machine, utensil and surface used to process the meat is carefully disinfected and sterilized to exclude any likelihood of micro-organisms and bacterial growth.

Megas Yeeros has directed, for quality and health purposes, 99% of its production to frozen products. As scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated, throughout the production of the fresh Yeeros and up to its distribution to end consumers, there are temperature variations which cause product humidity loss.

Dehydration leads to the loss of valuable substances, such as vitamins, proteins and micronutrients, all of which are necessary for the high nutritional value of the product. Special cutting-edge blast chillers, in which the Shock Freeze process takes place, are used to freeze the products: the products are chilled rapidly to -40°C in order to avoid meat-fibre cracking, maintain all organoleptic qualities and stop, at the same time, any bacterial or enzymatic changes which affect the product’s hygiene. The process is completed in more than 12 hours, so that the temperature at the core of the product, depending on the initial weight, may reach -20°C.

If the product, when fresh, is frozen in a simple freezer without undergoing any shock freezing, it will be frozen only externally; however, the bacterial changes in its core will continue. Therefore, the expiry date indicated on such a product is purely theoretical. Only manufacturers who have a blast chiller can supply a safe frozen product and guarantee its preservation.


In line with current global standards and in strict compliance with European law (178/2002), Megas Yeeros has installed an electronic software system (Item Tracker), through which it is able to monitor accurately every production stage of its products.

The system records in detail every necessary information (e.g. meat producer, country of origin, country of slaughtering, slaughtering date, processing date, weight, lot) for all products in every stage of its production process, from reception, cutting, processing, packaging up to final distribution.

The specific lot numbers indicated on the products provide the ability to recall any product in case of any quality problem, with the aim of protecting consumers. A similar electronic software system is also used for the traceability of raw materials (spices, additives).


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