Megas Yeeros presented to all of us the products of its Mega Meatless world through a ground-breaking campaign


May 2021

Mega Meatless, a world full of taste and high nutritional value, based on the Megas Yeeros non-negotiable quality. We got to know this world through a series of actions presented to us by new products made from 100% plant-based ingredients that are becoming part of our day-to-day diet.

The delicious products of Megas Yeeros and the innovative Mega Meatless flavors travelled to the exotic island where “Survivor”, the famous TV game, takes place. In the episode that aired on Wednesday, March 23rd, the taste of the pork gyros, the chicken gyros, but also the alternative flavors Mega Mealtess Yeeros and Mega Meatless Souvlaki were the prize that spread to the players of the winning team joy and moments of pleasure.

After all, the novelty of Mega Meatless products won us over through a campaign with a good dose of humor that was aired throughout April. In it, a prophetic voice reveals the new eating habit that changes the taste of fasting with the message: “It will be Lent, but you will eat souvlaki”. And not only souvlaki, but also gyros and burger and meatballs. Those proposals are the Greek answer to the plant-based diet and bear the Megas Yeeros seal of high quality, the leading gyros production company in the world.

The campaign was presented via radio messages to selected radio stations, both in Athens and in stations of the province and Cyprus.

On ANT1, OPEN TV and MEGA CHANNEL TV channels the most influential TV personalities presented in their own way the Mega Meatless taste and the avant-garde , with culinary approaches and recipes.

In its outdoor form, the campaign made its creative presence felt in central parts of Athens and the region, presenting Mega Meatless products and their unique taste along with high nutritional value.
And, of course, the digital promotion made a special impression with special interactive banners and advertorial on websites.

Mega Meatless products, the taste innovation created after research and studies by the R&D department of Megas Yeeros, came to give their own taste solution to those who are fasting, following a special diet or nutrition, to those who exercise and are looking for foods with high protein content, but also to those who want a different taste with high nutritional value. Mega Meetless is the new trend that came to stay!

Find Mega Meatless in supermarkets and selected food stores