March 2019

A research on consumer use and behavior was presented

Megas Yeeros, the No. 1 Gyros Producer in the World, held on Monday, March 18th for the third consecutive year the highly successful Scientific Conference entitled “The Steakhouse of the Future” at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), .

More than 200 entrepreneurs of the industry had the opportunity to be informed by the invited Lecturers from the field of Nutrition, Marketing and Technology, on the requirements of the modern consumer, the importance of certification, innovative digital actions in the food catering industry and modern technological applications.

Mrs. Christina Karabela, Managing Partner of QED, presented the results of a quantitative research, where Quality proved to be the main reason for consumers to choose a steakhouse. Certification, “Clean Label” products and a Branded Supplier are still of great interest to the consumer public, being the basic criteria for selecting a store. In addition, Delivery is the most common way to buy from a steakhouse (66%), while pick-up in store and dine-in follow far behind.

Mr. Alexis Zitridis, Assistant Manager of OTE Group along with Mrs. Alexandra Varka, Marketing Manager of the “Food Order” service of 11888 giaola presented the new 11888 giaola platform for “Food Order”, where, through the platform, the consumer has the opportunity to easily and quickly track down both the store in their area and the products of Megas Yeeros. The menu of the steakhouse will bear the logo of Megas Yeeros and will include its products such as the Makedonikos Pork Gyros , the Burger with Epiros feta , the Mega Politiko with Philadelphia etc.
Mr. Antonis Gortzis, Chairman of Marketing One Team and Chairman of European Business Ethics, referred to customer relationship management, emphasizing that it is vital for modern stores, listing the 10 orders for proper customer service.

Mr. George Nychas, Professor of Food Microbiology at the Agricultural University of Athens presented Information Technology within the Meat Security Service and Mr. Thomas Chatzichristos, PhD in Geoinformatics at the National Technical University of Athens, presented the products and analyzed the planning and positioning of a new store.
The CEO of Megas Yeeros Group, Mr. Nikos Loustas, referred, among other things, to the price adjustment on souvlaki, emphasizing that, while the product has reached very high levels of production processes and quality, it is still sold at a very low price, resulting in an uncertain viability of steakhouses.

About Megas Yeeros:

Megas Yeeros was founded in 2007 with the vision to make Gyros a global product. The urgent need for quality upgrade of gyros and meat products in the Greek market was the main reason for the creation of the Megas Yeeros industry. A product with increased daily demand that directly affects the health of the consumer, can not be prepared by guesswork. Consistency, responsibility and above all knowledge are key essentials.
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